Simple and Quick Motivation by Ahrane Mahaganapathy

Nowadays, our lives have changed to a tremendous extent. Most people blame life right now and use that as an excuse to postpone their things. The one thing, we have to think about is how come these external factors affect us without the permission granted by ourselves. Nothing can affect us without our permission. Today our situation may be worse. But, this too will pass. Our inner peace and mental strength are impacted by how we react only.

Our life is defined by our thoughts. Good thoughts play a vital role in keeping ourselves strong and preparing ourselves to face the situation that we are undergoing. Everyone's dream is to find the secret of being optimistic despite any situation. Happiness and being optimistic is a choice that none other than us make.

Our diet is not only the food we eat, it includes the books we read, people we meet, the things we see, and the things we hear. To make ourselves happy and positive, we should follow a proper daily routine. That has not only includes our food and exercise but also make us feel happy and creative. The things that make us happy differs from person to person. That is always addressed as passion. If we follow our passion, success and recognition will follow us. Definitely following our passion is a choice of happiness to us. We can fight our battles on the way easily when we realize it is leading to our ultimate goals.

Success is a path, not a destination. If you think about why you have started it, you won’t think to quit it. Be grateful for what you have, be optimistic. The universe will offer us what we are asking. Be good for no reason. Cheers!



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Ahrane Mahaganapathy

A Tech Woman with passion, learnability, self-empowerment, interested in cutting — edge technologies and having the knowledge-sharing mentality.