Ahrane Mahaganapathy
2 min readMay 18, 2020


Personal Branding

Have you ever think of what does personal branding means. It simply about showcasing who we are, what we do, why we do it, how we do it.

When we think of the steps to successful brand management, I have come across the steps below from the internet.

  1. Know yourself
  2. Know your area of influence
  3. Set a goal
  4. Draft the plan/steps to achieve your goal
  5. Measure/realign as needed
  6. Celebrate

Key elements of personal brand management are the focus, genuineness, combination of lifestyle and brand, relatability, understands failure, learns from others, action (focused).

Focus means the story behind you, your expertise, and your audience. Genuineness can be described as our uniqueness and originality and what makes us different. Originality is sustainable. Lifestyle and brand are combined. Select what is relevant as well as manage and share carefully. Relatable is we have to tie to a story and make it easy and simple. We have to understand our why and start with it. Usually, the best products go through many iterations. Learning to fail is a critical skill. Expect, document, and redraft. We must learn from others. Expand your area of attention. Think Community and give back. We must know about what we must keep doing, stop doing, and start doing. Action refers to ensuring your brand promise stays consistent everywhere and finding and establishing your brand call.

Key Tips

  1. Get a professional headshot.
  2. Be discoverable online
  3. Have a professional purpose
  4. Learn to listen and practice empathy
  5. Practice writing
  6. Reengineer your digital presence
  7. Analyze your competitors
  8. Craft your personal branding statement.
  9. Embrace and expound your experience
  10. Be social by design



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