Guess what drives you to be happy nowadays?

Take your time and think of the above question. Many of us answers will be self-love. I know some might be wondering what it is. It is accepting ourselves fully, treating ourselves with kind and respect, and nurturing our growth and wellbeing. In addition, it is our thoughts about ourselves too.

So, I felt like self-love and self-talk are prominent for us especially in this critical period. Now another buzz word, self-talk. Self-talk is actually our conscious thoughts and unconscious beliefs. It may be both positive and negative according to our circumstances. Positive self-talk is needed for us to manage our stress especially nowadays.

Let’s see how we can strengthen ourselves because of positive self-talk. It has the ability to enhance our performance and increase our energy. There are health benefits too including better physical wellbeing, reducing stress, improved immunity, better cardiovascular health, satisfaction regarding our life, reduced risk for death.

There will be benefits for our mental health too such as can solve problems easily, think in a different manner, and can cope up with the challenges and hardships.

I am pretty sure you will be get rid of the harmful effects of stress in this pandemic period due to positive self-talk. I request you to just forget the uncertainty that has been created by this pandemic.


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Ahrane Mahaganapathy

A Tech Woman with passion, learnability, self-empowerment, interested in cutting — edge technologies and having the knowledge-sharing mentality.