Experience as an IRC Intern by the Sustainable Education Foundation

I am Ahrane Mahaganapathy, an ICT undergraduate of the Rajarata University of Sri Lanka. While I was in COVID-19 vacation, I was searching for a good platform to utilize my time in a fruitful manner.

The International Research Council (IRC) by the Sustainable Education Foundation(SEF) which showcases the works of Sri Lankan researchers, gave me the chance to utilize my time for the betterment of myself and the society. It is a digital platform to connect our community of researchers who are actively pursuing research projects in various fields all over the world.

I was selected as one of the IRC Interns who contact researchers and follow up with them. Due to that, I gained business communication skills and the contacts of our native researchers. I assure you that it will be very useful for my career development.

There were webinars conducted to enhance our knowledge and experience exclusively for IRC Interns. Webinars assisted us to gain knowledge regarding research opportunities and to network with professionals.

I found IRC as a great platform for me to get a good understanding of the research domains and pathways. I really want to thank SEF for this opportunity.

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Ahrane Mahaganapathy

A Tech Woman with passion, learnability, self-empowerment, interested in cutting — edge technologies and having the knowledge-sharing mentality.